Richardson Sports is proud to bring our 53-year legacy as the go-to brand for top-quality headwear to the world of golf. We’ve built our reputation on an unwavering commitment to quality, and our history shows our dedication to crafting the finest caps in the game.
112 Trucker
256 Umpqua
Golf isn’t just a sport; it’s a way of life, a personal journey, and an expression of individuality. Our iconic headwear combined with our premium customization services allow you to bring your vision to life, authentically showcasing your connection to the game, both on and off the course.
Experience unparalleled comfort and style with the 112,
America’s Favorite Cap, renowned for its premier fit that effortlessly combines casual fashion and comfort.
112 Trucker
With a design shaped by more than 50 years of cap-making expertise and available in over 50 colorways, the 112 has inspired many imitations yet continues to be the most popular cap in the USA.
112FPR Trucker
A stylish twist on the 112, featuring a seamless front and a trendy rope detail.
112+ Trucker
An enhanced take on the 112 with added stretch for elevated comfort and a perfect fit.
220 Relaxed Performance Lite

The unstructured 220 and lightly structured 225 are Richardson’s dynamic duo of core performance caps, engineered for peak functionality and wearability.

220 Relaxed Lite
The 220 is the unstructured performance cap in our line that blends casual style with Richardson innovation.
225 Casual Lite
Stay-Dri technology and a UPF 35 rating provide essential moisture management and protection for hot, sunny days on the course.
258 Five Panel Classic Rope Cap
355 Laser Performance Rope Cap
A fusion of style and innovation featuring laser-cut perforated back panels, the 355 comes in a spectrum of fashion-forward colors.
A performance 5-panel rope cap that shares the iconic crown shape of the 112, our 258 delivers functional retro style.
169 Cannon
Crafted for the utmost durability, the 169 boasts water-resistant functionality, complemented by added spandex for superior stretch and comfort.
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