Have a question? Take a look through our most common questions below. 

Can I order caps direct from Richardson if I'm the consumer?

Sorry, Richardson has a strict distribution policy. Please email us at to find your local Richardson dealer. If you're interested in becoming a Richardson dealer, please complete our questionnaire to see if you qualify.


How do I find an authorized dealer to place orders or for questions?

Great question. Please email us at
  • Your city, state and zip
  • What style of cap and/or decoration you are looking for
We will either give you a list of dealers you can contact or we will forward your information to our area sales rep.


Who does Richardson sell to?

Richardson only sells to B2B brick and mortar resellers and not directly to the end user.


How can I get a sample of Richardson caps?

Samples, questions and orders can be obtained by contacting your nearest authorized Richardson cap dealer. You can get this information by emailing us at and we’ll send you the information.


Who do I email if I have questions regarding Richardson headwear?

Please email your questions to or seek out an authorized Richardson dealer.